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Are you on Time?


Are you on Time?

Universal time is referenced on expensive atomic clocks that only lose one second every 160 million years! It's very precise! But what is this precision for? Simply that all “connected” devices perform their operations at the same time, without interruption or lag. Indeed, a simple delay could lead to chain reactions and a general disruption of the operations of a company, an organization, an entire city, or even more! This precision is used to synchronize traffic lights, banking transactions, maritime traffic, the movement of trains, planes, satellites in space, but more simply also our working hours... and our computers!

An NTP server (Acronym for: "Network Time Protocol") is software using the NTP protocol, often available in the form of a small server in "rack-mount" format, allowing all the devices on a computer network to be synchronized. from the same source of time, or from this very precise universal clock. To obtain this precision, oscillators based on Cesium 133 are generally used. These references are used as a time base so that computers around the world (and other electronic devices) are synchronized on the same reference base. A clock of this type is relatively expensive, but there are devices that already have this precision and that can be operated at a lower cost. These are the GPS receivers. Indeed, so that they can give us a good precision, each GPS satellite embeds an atomic clock. Then simply connect to several GPS at the same time to benefit from their accuracy, and this is precisely what most commercial devices used in companies do. Because in addition to providing geographic coordinates in real time, the GPS also gives the date and time with great accuracy. This information is ideal for use as a time server or NTP server.

The Internet makes it possible to obtain reliable sources of NTP synchronization, however we must add the delays inherent in electronic devices, possible breakdowns and sometimes uncertainties about the origins of the sources used.

In a company, an autonomous NTP server makes it possible to be freed from the Internet and possible breakdowns to continue to provide precise and lasting information. This information is used to provide the time and date to your computers, but also to clocks in buildings. It is essential in a city, governmental or military organizations, research centers, etc. The needs are not lacking. These clocks are also frequently found in radio and television studios, and increasingly in companies that do not wish to "waste time" with the wrong or inaccurate time, at the risk simply of missing an appointment or the software update.

PointCA has this experience, has run its own NTP server ("") for many years and has a few clocks, always on time, without the need to adjust them during winter time changes or of summer.

We also offer you a choice of digital and analog clocks that are easy to install, both indoors and outdoors, and you will never have to update them!

If you would like more information on this subject, do not hesitate to contact us!

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