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Wi-Fi NTP Professionnal Clocks - PointCA

PointCA's professional Wi-Fi clocks have the precision of an atomic clock. They are accurate to the nearest second and are updated automatically (summer and winter times). These clocks are automatically synchronized one to twice time a day via your Wi-Fi network. They are powered by standard batteries and have an autonomy up to 7 years !

These professional clocks are widely used in enterprises, municipalities, military organizations, research centers, public and private organizations, schools and universities, radios and televisions, hospitals, etc...

We also offer a whole range of related products, such as digital and analog POE clocks, NTP servers, integration into your IT equipment including centralized management of your clocks, and many other services.


  • Wi-Fi (NTP) analog 12-inch clock...
    - crystal polycarbonate black plastic ornament: 32.7 cm (12.9 inches)
    - or aluminum ornament: 35 cm (13.8 inches)
  • Powered by 2 x "D" type (or LR20) batteries;
  • Autonomy up of 7 years;
  • Automatic change of summer and winter hours;
  • Can also sync to your corporate NTP server;
  • Intelligent choice of 5 NTP servers (programmable);
  • Monitoring and status of clocks via software (PC);
  • Software protected by 3 levels of passwords ;
  • FCC compliance, UL and cUL safety standards;
  • Default logo: PointCA;
  • Customizable logo on request (minimum quantities required);
  • Warranty for clocks (without batteries): 2 years

To know: What is a NTP server?
PointCA NTP Server: ntp.PointCA.com

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