Remote work
Fast and efficient implementation

solutions (Work from home)

Since the recent events associated with Covid-19, many companies, regardless of size, have become aware of an increasingly popular reality: “teleworking”.

With more than 10 years of experience in teleworking, we can help you carry out these tasks with simple and effective tools:

  • Virtual office;
  • Private advanced telephony solution, at 50% of the regular price! (Call us!)
  • Use your cellular phones or your computers with our VoIP application
    "Communicator GO 7" ( Click here for more information)
  • Cloud-based application server;
  • Audit, surveillance, access restriction;
  • Advanced telephone system for work at home, alone or in multiple locations;
  • Corporate Internet connection (at home);
  • Cloud networking (Router / Switch / WiFi);
  • Video surveillance;
  • Video and teleconference tools;
  • Increase the speed of your old laptop (instead of buying a new one!);
  • Office 365 suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.);
  • Independent Online Backups for Microsoft 365;
  • File sharing in real time;
  • Redundancy of infrastructure;
  • Support for MAC and PC!
  • Advice, security and protection (antivirus, antispam/Malware/Ransomware, etc.);
  • Etc… 

PointCA will help make your work at home experience successful

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