IT support

Your computer network
network Infrastructure


  • Server on Windows/Linux site
  • Virtualization of VMWare servers
  • Refurbishment PC/Mac stations (SSD & memory)
  • Virtual workstations / VPN
  • Replication and recovery sites
  • Internet (Cable, Micro-wave, fiber, etc.)
  • Wireless network / WiFi
  • Cloud Backup Microsoft 365 / Online File Sharing / Online backups in real-time
  • Web hosting
Network security

Network security

  • Network Security Audit
  • PCI scan and compliance
  • Antivirus / Malware, installation and maintenance
  • Online protection and threat
  • Anti-Spam control and filtering
  • Remote access and policies related to mobile devices
  • Migrations and updates of firewalls
  • Surveillance network, alerts, reports, etc.
  • Surveillance by IP cameras
  • « Law 25 » Mandatory in Quebec!

Certified cabling

  • Network pre-qualification and certification
  • Certified network with 10 years warranty
  • Professional installation (CAT5e/6/6A/7/8)
  • Fiber Optic Installation and Certification
  • Update of existing wiring
  • Paging and Speaker Installation
NTP Sync

NTP Client / Server

  • Instalation of your own Time server (NTP)
  • Stable Clock OCXO, +/-250ms/an
  • Synchronized by GPS GNSS (Stratum 1)
  • Numerical & Analog POE Clock (NTP)
  • Professional WiFi Wall Clock (NTP)
  • What is a NTP server?
  • PointCA's NTP server:


  • Surveillance by IP 4K cameras and updating of your surveillance solution
  • Installation of intercom connected to your telephones / cell phones for opening the doors
  • Local and cloud backups, monitoring panel, etc.